Protect the planet: adopt and model eco-friendly production that conserves energy and reduces CO2 emissions
Adopt just-in-time production on bicycle products
Provide consistent product quality, maintain the highest level of professional service, and enhance a strong R&D team
Develop strategic alliances to achieve win-win value chain partnerships
Pursue continuously profitable growth, encourage innovation, and ensure enterprise vitality
Engage in international management
Develop an organizational culture of continuous learning, and reward employees and shareholders financially
Achieve business sustainability and role model corporate social responsibility

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) service

By using numeric analysis methods, we are able to run the bicycle frame tests under the ISO 4210 standard test and provide feasible solutions.

Customization Service

Our designs are initiated from our target customers and specific markets.
With a massive knowledge base in bicycles, we are capable of providing customized design service and have explicit communications efficiently with our customers.

Compatibility Testing for Frame and Components

When designing a bike, we collectively consider the frame, welding methods and insertion and together with accessories selections to build the best cost-effective complete-bike construction plan.

Frame Shape & Structure Design Service

Ability to create unique frame and fork shapes to ensure that the bike's appearance matches with your company's brand and image.

Raw Material Inspection

According to your company's specifications and international regulations, parts are randomly inspected. This process ensures that components are qualified and safe.

Sample Bike Service

Before mass production, assembly teams assemble one complete bike for quality control examination. Several tests will be conducted to ensure the product's quality complies with regulations and meets customer needs.