Manufacturing Features / Quality Control
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Digital Control

Frame Calibration
| Frame Assembly |

Electric Bike Assembly Line

Handmade Assembly Line

Each staff member has an individual workstation where he/she can focus on producing one bike at a time. This ensures a high level of quality control for high-end bike assembly.

Upright/ Vertical Assembly Line

Upright assembly method suits both small and large volume orders. Better than traditional assembly method, upright assembly bikes are possess superior quality. Customers get their bikes fully-assembled in a few simple steps.

Reverse Assembly Line

Reverse assembly method suits mass production orders due to its efficiency. Working together as a team, staff members in this production line are responsible for assembling one section of the complete bike.

| Paint Production Line |

Frame Labeling

Automatic Robotic Arm

Raw Material Inspection

According to your company's specifications and international regulations, parts are randomly inspected. This process ensures that components are qualified and safe.

Testing Static Testing

The frame and fork can be measured through this test which fulfills customers' expectation and meets import regulations.

Dynamic Testing

Fatigue resistance testing conducted during the development of frame and fork design ensures the quality of Ideal's products.

Stiffness Testing

Stiffness tests, including impact, universal, bursting, and hardness tests, ensure the quality of Ideal's products.

Sample Bike Service Before mass production, assembly teams assemble one complete bike for quality control examination. Several tests will be conducted to ensure the product's quality complies with regulations and meets customer needs.